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Teardowns come to the UK


LONDON — The Embedded Systems Show 2008 – the leading international exhibition for the electronics systems and software development communities in Europe – will feature live teardowns of the Estes Micro-Tiger RC Helicopter and the X-Box Steering Wheel.

In addition, pre-registered conference delegates will have the opportunity to build and take home a fully configured embedded system based on the recently launched Beagleboard.

The live teardowns, first introduced and made popular by exhibition organisers TechInsights, will offer visitors unrivalled access to two of the latest and most popular consumer electronics gadgets.

The Estes Micro-Tiger Helicopter is an indoor helicopter that uses Motion Automatic Sensing Controller (MASC) technology to enable both beginners and experienced pilots to enjoy the thrill of steering a helicopter with just a tilt of the wrist.

The wireless Microsoft Xbox 360 Steering Wheel simulates all the resistance and force of driving, featuring dual rumble motors and realistic force feedback. By stripping away these cutting edge toys into their individual components, the teardown experts will reveal the techniques and technologies that bring these products to life.

The teardowns will be carried out Steve Bitton, Technology Analyst for Techonline. He will also be presenting a workshop on Fundamentals of Microcontrollers. This presentation will cover topics from the microcontroller course including the definition of a microcontroller, comparisons with microprocessors and DSPs, the early history, description of the main hardware blocks, explanation of trends in the industry, the basics concepts and tools for programming a microcontroller, contents and usage of an evaluation/development kit, and issues to consider when selecting a microcontroller.

ESS is being held at the NEC, Birmingham on October 1 and 2.

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