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TEC family boosts cooling capacity

Laird Thermal Systems offers a new generation of thermoelectric coolers that offers a 10% increase in heat pumping capacity and a more than 3°C improvement in temperature differential, together with higher efficiency. The UltraTEC UTX Series thermoelectric cooler delivers a heat pumping capacity of up to 296 watts with a maximum temperature differential (Delta T) of 72°C.

These solid-state coolers pump heat away from temperature-sensitive electronics and provide spot cooling for applications such as industrial lasers, laser projectors, medical diagnostic systems, and analytical instrumentation. “With no moving parts, these thermoelectric coolers can cool electronics well below ambient temperatures,” said Laird Thermal Systems, “and can significantly reduce maintenance requirements and operation costs when compared to other cooling technologies.”

Using advanced thermoelectric materials for higher heat pumping capacity, the UltraTEC UTX Series features a higher thermal insulating barrier when compared to standard materials. Suitable for high-vibration applications, the UltraTEC UTX Series is available in 13 models with a variety of footprints, capacities, configurations, and voltage options.

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