Technologies that will shape 2017 and beyond -

Technologies that will shape 2017 and beyond


Sensors seem to be everywhere these days as we speed toward a more connected world, and so, many of this year’s predictions for the Hot Technologies of 2017 cover how sensors and other new technologies will make us more connected and efficient.

Here, EDN and EE Times editors explore some of the hot technologies in 2017 that will shape next year’s technology trends and beyond.

Each article offers the opportunity for you, members of the engineering community, to share your own thoughts about the technologies and devices presented, as well as on other hot technologies you see on the horizon.

Click through the below hot technologies articles and be sure to share your thoughts as we look ahead to 2017.

RF energy: Measurements improve cooking, lighting, and-more
RF energy, through the use of high-power solid-state amplifiers and feedback, could change the way we cook, light our homes, and power our vehicles. These applications are still in their infancy, but there's real potential.

Microphones: A sound technology choice for communication and control

Sound is the most natural way that human beings communicate and microphone technology will enable us to use it to control the world around us.

Digital Clothes: Not Putting You On
That cool Apple iShirt and the matching Levi e-Jeans won’t go on sale for several years. But the field of printed electronics needed to produce them will make significant advances in 2017.

Appliance autonomy promises life simplicity
These are exciting times for autonomous devices. How robustly will they eventually operate, and how quickly will they reach this point?

VR, AR, and Cognitive Capabilities in Embedded Systems Get Real
2017 will see the beginning of VR, AR, and cognitive system technologies being combined in exciting, and sometimes unexpected, ways.

Industrial IoT to gain traction in 2017
Long predicted but slow to arise, the Industrial Internet of Things may finally be poised to gain momentum in 2017.

Technology looking to improve the human condition
We hope 2017 is the year these medical technologies start making their mark.

Bi-directional DC/DC power supplies: Which way do we go?
The bi-directional DC/DC converter has been around for a while, but new applications are quickly emerging which necessitate the use of this architecture in so many more systems.

Sensor conditioning amidst a sea of focus on MEMS and sensors
We hear every day about the IoT, but let’s not forget that without proper signal conditioning at the MEMS/sensor interface, we would have useless information to send to the processor.

The Future of 3D Printing Starts with Business
3D printing technology at the business level, particularly in manufacturing, is quickly emerging as the place where the real promise lies at least in the near future.

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