Technology combines analog peripherals, flash memory, FPGA fabric -

Technology combines analog peripherals, flash memory, FPGA fabric

According to its developers, they've launched the era of the Programmable System Chip (PSC), a technology that's designed to bring true programmability to mixed-signal solutions. The Actel Fusion technology is the first to integrate mixed-signal analog capabilities with flash memory and FPGA fabric in a monolithic PSC.

Fusion brings the benefits of programmable logic to application areas that until now have only been served by discrete analog component and mixed-signal ASIC suppliers. The technology takes advantage of the unique properties of Actel’s flash-based FPGAs, including a high-isolation, triple-well process and the ability to support high-voltage transistors to meet the demanding requirements of mixed-signal system design.

The Actel Fusion technology gives designers new levels of flexibility by allowing them to easily reconfigure analog block settings to perform widely different functions by simply downloading data from embedded flash memory. To support technology, Actel is developing a series tools. This tools suite will also add a comprehensive hardware/software debug capability as well as a suite of utilities to simplify development of embedded soft ARM and 8051 processor-based solutions. More information is available at

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