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Tektronix adds 4 HV probes, upgrades others

Power supply designs are using faster switching devices such as IGBTs and require higher bandwidth probes, such as the new THDP0200 and TMDP0200 with the capability of capturing signals with fast slew rates.

The THDP0100 high voltage probes has a dynamic range with +/-6000 V differential enabling designers to measure high voltage signals and the associated noise and ripple components with the same probe. .
The probes have a reduced probing load  which minimizes the potential of altering the circuit’s behavior and masking potential problems. by providing the highest resistive and lowest capacitive loading available on a HV probe. The upgraded P5210A and the new THDP0100 both offer 40 MΩ of resistance and <2.5 pF capacitive loading.
The TMDP and THDP connect to Tektronix oscilloscopes through the TekVPI (Tektronix Versatile Probe Interface) architecture used on most Tektronix mid-range oscilloscopes. To maximize user safety in high voltage applications, all of the probes are compliant with EN61010-031 requirements.
The P5202A is also new and provides lower attenuation and improved signal to noise ratio.  The upgraded probe models include the P5200A, P5205A and P5210A probes.

The TMDP0200 has a starting price of $1,690 U.S. MSRP and the P5200A has a starting price of $899 U.S. MSRP.


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