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Tektronix to use NI TestStand in high speed bus testing

AUSTIN,Texas — Tektronix, Inc. is to develop an automated framework designed for receiver, transmitter, and interconnect compliance testing of high speed serial data standards using NI TestStand test management software from National Instruments.

Several newer serial data bus architectures including PCI-Express, XAUI, RapidIO, HDMI and SATA provide an order of magnitude greater data throughput than just a few years ago making design efforts more challenging as signaling capabilities are being bound by physical limitations.

NI TestStand is designed to help engineers develop and deploy automated validation and manufacturing test systems and Tektronix will use it as its test execution engine. It believes that use of open and extensible platform will speed the development of automated compliance test modules. The modular architecture of NI TestStand will enable Tektronix to maximize test code reuse and simplify maintenance.

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