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Tektronix upgrades TDS2000 oscilloscopes, $990 entry price


With a starting price of $990 Tektronix is updating its TDS2000 series of oscilloscopes with models ranging from 50 MHz to 200 MHz bandwidth, and with two or four channels.

The Tektronix TDS2000C series  includes a number of the existing models which offer increased performance including 2 models that were 60 MHz are now 70 MHz bandwidth and two models that offered 1 GS/s sampling rates are now at 2 GS/s.

All models have USB ports, an expanded set of 16 automated measurements, a limit test feature, intuitive operation with built-in help menus, and a lifetime warranty.

The TDS2000C series starts at $990 for a 50 MHz model with 2 channels. This represents a 25 percent price reduction from the previous lowest priced model.  Every model in the series features digital real-time sampling with at least 10X oversampling on every channel.  The sample rate doesn’t reduce as additional channels are turned on, ensuring that each channel can accurately capture signals up to the oscilloscope’s full bandwidth.

The user interface includes an autoset menu, built-in help system, probe check wizard, and optimized instrument setup and operation. Features include advanced triggering to quickly capture events coupled with advanced math capabilities and now 16 automated measurements for fast analysis.

Capabilities added in the TDS2000C series designed to boost productivity include datalogging and limit testing.  After a user has configured trigger conditions, datalogging makes it possible for the oscilloscope to save all the triggered waveforms together with time stamp information to a USB flash drive within a user-defined duration (up to 8 hours). This is useful for applications that require engineers to monitor devices for long time periods for characterization and stress testing, while saving the measurement results for later analysis.  

The limit test function can be used to identify problems and alert a production line operator when an input signal falls outside of a predefined mask.

The oscilloscopes come with the Limited Tektronix Edition of National Instruments’ SignalExpress software.

Tektronix is also introducing a range of passive probes for the TDS2000C series. These provide reduced circuit loading which the company says is typically ranked as the top requirement by customers. Input capacitance is 12pF and the small form factor  includes a 3.8mm probe head which allows for probing in tight spaces and better visibility of the points being measured.

The probe meet UL strict guidelines for product safety and has a longer sharper tip to probe the finer geometry parts. Multi-packs with 10 or 50 probes are available for use in maintenance and education and which reduce prices by up to 20 percent per probe.

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