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Tektronix USB 3.1 testing capabilities extended

Tektronix, Inc. has released a comprehensive set of USB 3.1 compliance test solutions that allow designers to quickly verify designs against the latest USB specifications, achieving fast time to market while minimizing costs. The new release expands Tektronix’ USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 test capabilities to include a new USB 3.1 receiver test solution supporting the 10 Gb/s data rate, a new USB Power Delivery test solution and a new USB Type-C cable test solution. The expanded test solution reduces the complexity of performing USB 3.1 compliance tests while also supporting debug and margin analysis.

The new BSAUSB31 solution for Tektronix BERTScope bit error rate testers significantly simplifies receiver testing. No expertise in USB is required. Processes for defining test parameters, putting the device into the proper test mode, measuring errors, showing results after each frequency is executed, and printing/storing the test results are all fully automated, saving time and improving accuracy. The solution provides all of the required signal impairments for USB 3.1, including SJ, RJ, SSC, and signal attenuation with a compliance channel.

The need for USB power that can be transmitted through cables has grown beyond USB Battery Charging capabilities. This limitation is addressed with the USB Power Delivery specification which can provide up to 100W power at 20V in either direction. Developed in conjunction with Tektronix partner Granite River Labs, the new GRL-USB-PD software supports critical PHY layer testing as detailed in chapter 5 of the Power Delivery specification. Tests include rise/fall time, transmitter and receiver eye mask and others. In addition, the software provides pattern decode of the Binary Mark Coded (BMC) signals for further debug and analysis.

In August 2014, USB Implementer’s Forum (USB-IF) introduced a symmetrical, reversible USB Type-C connector intended to complement existing USB cables and connectors. A new USB Type-C cable test method of implementation (MOI) document can be downloaded from www.tektronix.com/USB . Recommended test instrumentation includes a DSA8300 sampling oscilloscope, two 80E10B TDR modules, 80SSPAR IConnect S-Parameter analysis software, Luxshare-ICT USB Type-C SI fixture kit, and the USB-IF signal integrity compliance tool.

The TekExpress USB 3.1 transmitter test solution (option USBSSP-TX) is available now worldwide for use with Tektronix DPO/MSO70000 Series oscilloscopes with 16 GHz bandwidth and above. The BSAUSB31 USB 3.1 receiver test software requires a BSA125C or higher BERTScope.

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