Telchemy adds real-time data analytics to VQmon 4.0 -

Telchemy adds real-time data analytics to VQmon 4.0

Telchemy has added data analytics to its VQmon VoIP, Video Streaming, IPTV, and Video Conferencing analysis agent. VQmon for Data combines network diagnostics, network performance, network usage and demographics into a single efficient module that processes two million packets per second on a single processor core. VQmon tracks every layer 2/3 packet, monitoring a wide range of protocols and gathering metrics and data per-flow, per-interface and per-VLAN for networks using IPv4, IPv6 and stacked VLANs.

To enable rapid network problem diagnosis, VQmon gathers data related to name and address resolution, device and network reachability, fragmentation, volumes of broadcast and multicast packets and other typical problem areas, providing key metrics that can help identify issues affecting user application performance and connectivity.

VQmon provides a wealth of information on network usage and demographics, providing per-VLAN data on volume of different packet types, transport protocols, routing protocols and common services. Demographic data includes volumes of key traffic types (e.g. HTTP) and volume of data by service provider for top video content providers and network-based services.

For network and application performance monitoring VQmon identifies and tracks every UDP, TCP, TLS and IPSEC flow, extracts TCP performance and other key data, identifies the N highest volume, highest delay, most problematic and worst performing flows, and measures application response time for key protocol types.

The addition of data analysis allows VQmon to monitor and analyze any type of network traffic at high speed, providing deep analytics for Data, VoIP, Video Streaming, Videoconferencing and IPTV. VQmon supports the broadest range of voice, audio and video codecs within the industry, supports advanced adaptive rate codecs, error correction, and concealment and is uniquely able to analyze encrypted RTP or MPEG streams carrying voice and video. Telchemy's advanced perceptual models analyze the impact of transient impairments in voice and video streams, modeling their effect on user perceived quality. This enables VQmon to produce more accurate QoE scores under real world conditions of time-varying quality.

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