Teledyne LeCroy’s MDA 8000HD MDA increases channel counts, memory, bandwidth -

Teledyne LeCroy’s MDA 8000HD MDA increases channel counts, memory, bandwidth

Teledyne LeCroy announces its new MDA 8000HD Motor Drive Analyzers, which leverage the new WaveRunner 8000HD High Definition Oscilloscope (HDO) platform of 8 analog channels, 12-bit vertical resolution at all times, up to 5 Gigapoints of acquisition memory (1.25 Gigapoints on all 8 channels), 10 GS/s sample rate, and bandwidths up to 2 GHz. Using new OscilloSYNC technology, two MDA 8000HD instruments comprise a 16-channel analyzer—twice the number of channels previously available—with a large 15.6” display. Like the earlier MDA800A, this iteration performs comprehensive static and dynamic 3-phase electrical and mechanical power analysis and complete test coverage of the entire motor-drive system.

Ubiquitous and growing in complexity, motors and drives are increasingly optimized for dynamic operating conditions. Traditional power analyzer instruments have not kept up with industry needs for dynamic power analysis. At the same time, oscilloscopes are the traditional tool for gaining insight into embedded control system operation. The two instruments operate in different domains, making it difficult to correlate their respective data sets and leaving large gaps in engineers’ knowledge of system operation.

To close that knowledge gap, the MDA 8000HD captures waveforms from the drive’s 3-phase power conversion section; individual power transistors; motor speed, angle and torque sensors; and the embedded control system, while performing coincident 3-phase electrical and mechanical power analysis. The MDA performs static (steady-state) power measurements—like a power analyzer—and also performs power measurements under dynamic operating conditions. It then provides per-cycle Waveforms showing power values changing over time. These Waveforms can then be time-correlated using Zoom+Gate functionality and deep acquisition memory to isolate and correlate dynamic events to other power or control-system behaviors. Furthermore, power can be analyzed during periods as short as a single semiconductor device switching cycle—capability not provided by power analyzers but essential for debug of modern motor drive controls. All of this capability, combined with the synchronized acquisition of up to 16 analog channels, offers complete insight into the entire system.

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