Teledyne SP Devices: 8-channel 10-bit digitizer with 1 GS/s sampling rate

Teledyne SP Devices announced the release of ADQ8-8C – a flexible data acquisition board with high channel density and an open FPGA architecture which makes it ideal for large-scale physics installations and Original Equipment Manufacturer product integration.

The 8-channel ADQ8-8C allows for compact and cost-efficient multi-channel system design. The versatile analog front-end of ADQ8-8C supports a wide variety of detectors and can therefore be used in many applications such as particle physics, scientific instruments, time-of-flight applications, and more. Capabilities include: AFE with programmable DC-offset, input voltage range, and input impedance (50Ω and 1 MΩ), 500 MHz analog input bandwidth, Open powerful Xilinx FPGA with resources available for customized real-time digital signal processing, 1 GByte on-board acquisition memory and up to 3.2 GByte/s data transfer to host PC, Hardware trigger and highly accurate multi-channel synchronization capabilities, Available in PXI Express and MTCA.4 formats.

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