Telelogic adds depth to CM suite -

Telelogic adds depth to CM suite

Telelogic has enhanced its Synergy suite of configuration management tools for globally distributed development projects. The Synergy tools maintain an integrated, central repository database of software assets and all related information about projects, tasks, processes, and people associated with them.

The company added a Release Management feature to the tool suite. This feature enables teams to plan a product roadmap in the Synergy environment and also allows them to use different development processes. Synergy enables each team to configure its own process templates to define the process it prefers. In addition, these process templates can be distributed to remote teams, along with project data and change requests, while the templates are defined and administered from some central location.

Another new feature is role-based interfaces, which tailors the complexity of the Synergy interface to reflect the needs of the person using it, so that the learning curve for low-level users is reduced-they don't have to become an expert in configuration management in order to use Synergy.

Telelogic Synergy is available now.

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