Telit CDMA module delivers M2M for top U.S. CDMA networks -

Telit CDMA module delivers M2M for top U.S. CDMA networks

The CL865-DUAL from Telit Wireless Solutions delivers CDMA data rates of 153.6 kbps from a versatile VQFN package. The company is displaying the new product in its booth number 439 at the event. MobileCON 2013 is being held at the San Jose Convention Center, October 16 through 18, 2013. It focuses on mobile IT and enterprise deployments and is powered by CTIA.

Targeted at North American market, the dual-band CDMA/1XRTT engine in the CL865-DUAL is voice-capable supporting analog and digital (DVI) interfaces. It delivers CDMA/1XRTT IS-95A/B and CDMA 2000 compliant data communications and is equipped with a USB 2.0 Full Speed port, full serial and two-wire UARTs, eight user-definable GPIO ports and one A/D converter. For streamlined application development and system integration the company offers RIL drives for all major operating systems.

The embedded Python script interpreter allows processing core in the cellular engine to run customer applications which can among other things, access a companion Telit GPS|Glonass receiver module directly for a complete tracking device. The CL865-DUAL is ideal for the battery-powered wearable technology segment because of low-power consumption and a compact 24.4×24.4×2.6mm size. With the new CDMA product, Telit is also providing flexibility for applications based GSM/GPRS to be deployed quickly in either technology. Designs based on the CL865-DUAL can also be easily upgraded to 3G with the UMTS/HSPA UL865 module series.

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