Telit DE910-DUAL Mini PCIe includes EV-DO cellular modem with 3.1Mbps download speed -

Telit DE910-DUAL Mini PCIe includes EV-DO cellular modem with 3.1Mbps download speed


Telit Wireless Solutions has introduced the DE910-DUAL Mini PCIe for commercial and industrial computer markets. The EV-DO mini PCIe modem supports 3.1Mbps downlink rates and 1.8Mbps uplink rates. It is fully compatible with its HSPA+ counterpart, the HE910 Mini PCIe. Equipped with a high performance, multi-constellation GPS plus GLONASS receiver, the DE910-DUAL Mini PCIe card is designed to provide superior navigation coverage in harsh environments and challenging urban canyons. The DE910- DUAL is targeted for devices such as mobile computers, mobile resource management (MRM) terminals, digital signage, and point of sale devices.

Telit’s DE910-DUAL Mini PCIe features extended operating temperature range and Rx diversity, which allows the end-device to be equipped with two distinct cellular antennas to improve the quality and reliability of the wireless connectivity in urban areas, undergrounds, and other similar scenarios. Fully voice capable, the DE910 mini PCIe provides full-duplex PCM input and output (not available through the mini PCIe edge connector) for applications such as voice gateways, fleet management and rugged phones. For easy integration, the product includes device drivers for most Windows platforms, Linux and Android and, is available for all major CDMA carriers and partner networks in North America.

The DE910 Mini PCIe is available with a range of development tools and associated documentation. Integrators in application areas requiring higher security and encrypted data transmission such as financial, medical, POS, and others can also make use of the product’s embedded SSL protocol and supporting development tools.

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