Telit's COMBO 2G cellular module features multi-constellation satellite positioning -

Telit’s COMBO 2G cellular module features multi-constellation satellite positioning


Telit Wireless Solutions has introduced the company’s first combination 2G-cellular, multi-constellation satellite positioning receiver module, the GE910-GNSS. The module incorporates an ARM11 processing core capable of running customer applications internally without the need for additional electronics, and can deliver a fully functional high-performance tracking solution from the stamp-sized xE910 form factor.

The GE910-GNSS is comprised of two fully independent functional blocks: the quad-band GSM/GPRS GE910-QUAD engine and the multi-constellation GNSS receiver capable of independent or simultaneous GPS and GLONASS. The GE910-GNSS can function as a best in class tracking solution even in built up or noisy environments or in cellular-only or GNSS-only modes. The product can be ordered with an m2mAIR SIM chip mounted inside the module allowing it to be instantly connected to the cellular network and the broad range of remote module management services from Telit’s m2mAIR.

The GSM/GPRS engine in the GE910-GNSS is voice capable with both analog and digital (DVI) interfaces. It delivers GPRS class 10, 3GPP Release 4 compliant data communications and is equipped with a USB 2.0 full speed interface. The GNSS receiver supports NMEA and RTCM standards over GPS (L1), GLONASS (L1, FDMA), and Galileo (E1) frequency bands. It leverages a 32-channel GPS architecture for a CEP50 Position accuracy of 1.5m (5 ft) and a time to first fix from cold start of less than 35 seconds. For streamlined application development and system integration the company offers USB drivers for Windows desktop, Windows Embedded CE, Linux, and Android. RIL drivers are also available.

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