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Temperature sensors feature high accuracy, low power consumption


Two temperature sensor ICs from Maxim, the MAX31889 and MAX31825, help designers achieve precision measurement and robust protection for cold-chain assets and equipment. The MAX31889 digital temperature sensor offers a combination of accuracy and power consumption that allows it to replace expensive resistance temperature detectors in precise temperature-sensitive applications. The MAX31825 digital temperature sensor enables up to 64 devices per bus, all parasitically powered by the 1-Wire bus, to reduce wiring complexity.

Accurate to within ±0.25°C over a temperature range of −20°C to +105°C, the MAX31889 measures cold-chain pharma product temperatures at a fraction of the cost of RTDs, while consuming 35% less power than competitive products. The sensor has 16-bit resolution (0.005°C) and uses an I2 C serial interface to communicate with a host controller.

For applications that require the connection of multiple devices in a space-constrained system, the MAX31825 has a unique 64-bit serial code, which allows multiple MAX31825 ICs to reside on the same 1-Wire bus. It achieves measurement accuracy to within ±1°C from 0°C to +70°C and ±1.75°C from -45°C to +145°C.

Housed in a 6-pin μDFN package, the MAX31889 costs $1.65 in lots of 1000 units. Available in a 6-bump wafer-level package, the MAX31825 costs $1.55 in lots of 1000 units. Evaluation kits are available for both sensors at $56 each.

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