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Teradyne adds PXI expansion board for TestStation

PRODUCTRONICA, Munich – Teradyne Inc. introduced a PXI functional expansion board for its TestStation family of in-circuit test systems.

The board is an integrated PXI/ICT solution, allowing manufacturers to add value-adding functional test capabilities to  ICT system, without growing the tester footprint or increasing equipment floor space.

The board at Productronica was be configured with GOEPEL electronic PXI instruments for testing a high-volume automotive application.

The Teradyne designed PXI chassis allows manufacturers to install up to four 3U PXI instruments. The PXI chassis backplane is connected by an HDMI cable to a Teradyne PCI Express Controller board that resides in a PCI Express slot of the tester PC. The top half of the TestStation PXI Expansion Board has a signal distribution hub that supports routing of the PXI instrument signals directly to the unit under test (UUT), to external IEEE 488 instrument ports, or to the system’s analog bus (where they can be further routed to any pin in the test system). Operators can control the signal path using documented TestStation programming language commands.

Buffers/amplifiers are also available on the top half of the board to handle situations of UUT signal conditioning. The buffers can be DC or AC coupled and a 50 ohm termination can be programmed to match transmission line impedance. Additional lines are provided to connect the TestStation’s arbitrary waveform Generator and to synchronize the PXI instruments with the TestStation’s DMM instrument.

Up to two PXI Expansion Boards can be installed in the accessory or pin board slots of the TestStation system supporting a maximum of eight independent 3U PXI instrument modules.

Application programs to communicate and control the PXI instruments can be developed using National Instrument’s LabView or LabWindows/CVI software. Other programming languages, such as Microsoft Vis-
ual Studio can also be used to develop programs

The board is compliant with PXI Specification Revision 2.2 and requires TestStation Software version 6.4.0 or greater.  It does not support Star Trigger bus.

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