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Test bed unit aims to cut need for extended road tests

The IPETEC test bed engineering business unit has been set up in Hamburg, Germany by Ipetronik GmbH & Co.KG to provide custom test bed solutions for developing and validating components and systems used in R&D, testing and production environment.

The new division primarily focuses on thermal management which the company says has high priority around the world when it comes to energy optimization of conventional and electrically powered vehicles.

The emphasis is on the efforts being made by automakers and by system and component suppliers to save money and continuously shorten development cycles by replacing expensive, time-consuming road tests with replicable simulations performed under realistic testing conditions in a lab facility.

IPETEC provides a range test beds and media supply modules for applications for vehicle cooling (for coolant, charge air, and oil coolers, as well as for batteries, electric motors and exhaust gases).

It also develops and supplies test beds for vehicle air conditioning such as system-, component- and calorimeter test benches. This covers applications for refrigerant condensers, evaporators, compressors und expansions valves. The test bed configurations consider the requirements for the R134a refrigerant being used today as well as the future alternatives, 1234yf and CO2 (R744).

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