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Test consortium expands


London, UK — Analog Devices, Fujitsu, Philips Semiconductor, Renesas and Toshiba have joined founders Intel and Motorola as members of the Semiconductor Test Consortium (STC). Acqiris, AeroFlex, ARTEST, Molex Japan, Port Orford, Tensolite, Tokyo Cathode Lab, Tokyo Electron, TSK, Tyco Electronics and Xandex have also joined as ATE vendor members.

Professors from educational institutions in Japan, China, Europe and the United States have joined the STC, bringing the STC's overall membership to 11 professors and 25 companies.

The Semiconductor Test Consortium was founded in 2003 to develop the OPENSTAR (Open Semiconductor Test Architecture) flexible test platform that is completely open, documented and supported via solutions available from all ATE vendors.

Other founding members of the consortium included Advantest, Guide Technology, Inovys, Pragmatics Technologies, Racal Instruments, Roos Instruments, StarGen, and Wavecrest.

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