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Test facility checks Apache for effects of sand

LONDON — TUV Product Service and their dust test partner, Particle Technology Ltd, were brought in QinetiQ Group plc to design to build a facility to combine vibration testing with a blowing dust and sand environment for use with the U.K.’s latest Apache helicopters before they were deployed in Afghanistan.

QinetiQ needed to respond to a requirement to evaluate the effects of sand and dust on the CRV7 lightweight rocket launchers fitted to the Apache attack helicopter.

The facility was constructed at the Particle Technology site in Hatton in Derbyshire and combines an electromagnetic shaker within a 42sq m driving and turbulent sand test chamber.

TUV Product Service (Fareham, Hants) designed the test rig which was able to replicate the in-service vibration environment experienced by the launcher, while simultaneously being subjected to dust and sand, at air speeds over 100mph.

The facility is now available to those in industry who need to demonstrate compliance in these hostile combined environments.

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