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Test mobile provides full implementation of 3GPP Release 6 HSUPA


Aeroflex has launched what it claims is the world's first commercially available test mobile providing full support for the latest 3GPP Release 6 High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) wireless technology. HSUPA is the latest enhancement to the company's TM500 test mobile system, and delivers extensive HSUPA/HSDPA system functionality before commercial handsets become available.

HSUPA presents numerous challenges to the infrastructure developer. In addition to supporting new features to enable efficient reception and decoding of the uplink data, the Node B is responsible for managing the spectral resource. The Node B controls the uplink loading by means of a scheduling algorithm that allocates grants to each mobile terminal, indicating the amount of data that it is allowed to transmit at any time. The addition of soft handover support in HSUPA serves to improve uplink efficiency but increases scheduling complexity. The TM500 HSUPA implementation delivers full support of 3GPP Enhanced Uplink technology, enabling detailed operation, testing and analysis of complex packet-based services and applications. Uplink and downlink data services can be configured and run simultaneously on the TM500 at the maximum HSUPA and HSDPA rates of 5.76 and 13.97 Mbits/s, respectively.

Structured development and test programs are essential for the verification, validation and optimization of HSUPA infrastructure. TM500 HSUPA addresses these issues through a range of test modes and logging options, including scripted configuration, test sequences, and measurement capture. These features allow a detailed and incremental analysis of functionality at Layer 1, Layer 2, and Higher Layers. Test procedures can also be automated for use in regression testing.

The TM500 HSUPA Layer 1/Layer 2 option is available immediately as a software upgrade to the TM500 test mobile platform. The 3GPP Release 6 Higher Layer option will be available in the first quarter. A detailed product data sheet is available at www.aeroflex.com.

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