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Test tool upgraded for use with S530

The Keithley Test Environment (KTE) semiconductor test software has been upgraded to version 5.3 and is designed for use with the S530 parametric test systems.

KTE is a test development and execution software platform that has been used with Keithley’s previous-generation parametric test systems. The upgrade enables it to be used with the S530 test systems to provide flexible test plan development and high speed test execution.

Users of existing Keithley S400 and S600 Series parametric testers will benefit from KTE Version 5.3 on the S530 because existing measurement routines can easily be ported to the S530, and identical test plans can be shared between existing testers and new S530 systems.

For customers already using earlier versions of KTE, KTE V5.3 speeds and simplifies integrating S530 test systems into their test floors. The same test recipes and test plans can be used for all Keithley automated parametric test systems, which not only shortens the learning curve for test engineers and operators working with multiple systems but offers a smooth migration path to protect the fab’s test development investment when adding new high speed systems to the test floor or replacing older ones.

Users can continue working with the familiar user libraries they’ve developed for earlier systems over the years after recompiling and rebuilding them for use with the S530.  Typically, only minimal debugging is required.

KTE V5.3 simplifies creating new user access point (UAP) source code for conditional test sequencing and customizing the flow of the S530’s system operation. UAP source code developed for earlier Keithley systems is applicable to S530 systems with minimal adjustments.

KTE for the S530 is designed to run on a Linux operating system on a standard industrial PC  and systems running KTE V5.3 can address all the DC I-V and C-V measurements required in process control monitoring, process reliability monitoring, and device characterization.

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