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TEST: VeriWave moves performance test to Wi-Fi meshes

Colorado Springs, Colo. — VeriWave Inc. has introduced a software adjunct to the test suite for its WT90 and WT20 wireless-LAN testers, extending performance tests to outdoor campus and municipal mesh networks. Firetide Inc. has announced its use of the suite in tests for both indoor and outdoor meshes.

The suite must cover both single-hop traffic between access points and the critical backhaul traffic aggregating packets among multiple access points, said VeriWave vice president of marketing Eran Karoly. Conducted in environmentally noisy conditions, the tests include client capacity, VoIP service assurance tests, Wi-Fi roaming through a mesh topology, mesh throughput by hop measurements and aggregate traffic measurements, and mesh failover and recovery. The latter metric is particularly vital in assessing the mesh's self-healing and adaptive characteristics.

In determining end-user capacity, the mesh tests can assess how well a network can meet service-level agreements for maximum packet loss, guaranteed throughput and acceptable packet latency.

The test suite is offered as a software adjunct to the VeriWave family of scalable Wi-Fi testers.

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