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Testing architecture targets evolving media-rich networks

Xcellon is Ixia's next-generation testing architecture designed to break the terabit traffic generation barrier for testing evolving media-rich networks.

It combines the processing power of multi-core CPUs to deliver performance to enable carriers, enterprises and equipment manufacturers to ensure that their networks and devices are ready to handle increasingly complex traffic from millions of mobile and fixed subscribers, with a high quality of service.
The Xcellon-Flex product line breaks the terabit traffic generation barrier, with full layer 2-7 core network testing.  It simulates 4 times the connections per second rate currently available, emulating over 80 million video sessions simultaneously. This equates to the population of Germany concurrently making video calls.

The Xcellon-Flex load module provides 16-10 GE ports per card. It can aggregate the processing power of four ports onto a single port to match the capacity of high-scale networking devices. Aggregation of all 16 ports on a card provides unprecedented levels of network emulation and traffic generation.

The Xcellon-Ultra  product line is designed to exceed the thresholds of tomorrow’s multiplay services, application delivery infrastructure, and security platforms. It delivers the highest 10 GE application performance, and can generate up to 80 gigabits of line-rate stateful traffic and 40 gigabits of IPsec encrypted traffic. With Xcellon-Ultra, test engineers can emulate up to 24 million concurrent Internet video streams.

The Xcellon-Ultra XT80 provides 3 million connections per second and 80 Gbps of real-world traffic to address the testing requirements of the largest application-aware DPI and network security devices.  The Xcellon-Ultra XTS40 provides   4,000 tunnels per second and 40 Gbps of IPsec encrypted traffic to test the highest performing security gateways in the industry.

Xcellon uses multi-core processors, hardware encryption coprocessors, and high test port density to generate realistic media-rich application traffic on the extreme scale required for next-generation networks.
For more information on the Xcellon product family visit www.ixiacom.com/xcellon.

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