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Testing optical transport networks

An optical transport network (OTN) test solution for 40 and 100 gigabit OTU3/4 rates from Ixia, the XOTN solution, meets the performance and protocol scale test needs of evolving dynamic, packet-switched core transport networks, including advanced MPLS and MPLS-TP protocol implementations.

Ixia’s higher speed test solutions enable service providers and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) to validate the performance and protocol scalability of higher speed network equipment – for both Ethernet and OTN – at 40G and 100G speeds.

The XOTN tests carrier-class core routers, switches and multiservice provisioning platforms (MSPPs) that forward client-side traffic to core transport line equipment. This OTN solution, in conjunction with Ixia’s IxNetwork test application, provides a  large-scale, multi-protocol network emulation that is coupled with sophisticated line-rate traffic generation.

The solution addresses service providers’ requirements to validate service level agreement (SLAs) and resiliency over OTN networks, and to certify carrier-class routers with OTN interfaces. XOTN also addresses NEMs’ requirements to validate new router OTN line cards using IP, MPLS and Ethernet traffic, and to validate Ethernet data mapping over OTN transport.
The XOTN test solution extends the existing Ixia K2 HSE 40GE and 100GE CFP MSA compatible load modules, providing realistic network protocol emulation and data path traffic for OTU3/4 capable devices.It conforms to ITU-T Recommendation G.709/Y.1331 and provides layer 1-3 testing.

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