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Texas Instruments and ARM accelerate deployment of secure mobile apps


Texas Instruments and ARM have collaborated to provide a unified mobile security technology, enabling mobile security market applications and services with a standard-based, interoperable, extensible framework. As part of this effort, TI is integrating ARM TrustZone software and application programming interfaces (APIs) into its M-Shield mobile security technology framework.

Through a common adoption of the TrustZone software, handset makers and developers of secure applications gain access to a standard-based programming interface to address the mobile device market. Through this collaboration, TI and ARM will enable a new level of end-user applications for mobile devices, which require robust security for mainstream acceptance. These applications include rich multimedia content like music, video, TV, eCommerce, and location-based and work-anywhere services.

Current security applications are highly-customized solutions, and each integration task on a handset requires resource-intensive development, testing, integration and deployment time. TI's M-Shield mobile security technology is a system-level solution, which is specifically tailored to the mobile device market and optimizes a combination of hardware and software security technologies to secure mobile handsets, providing the required level of protection demanded by service providers and consumers.

More information is located www.ti.com or www.arm.com.

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