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Texas Instruments : Six-core DSP is most power efficient


TexasInstruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN)today announced the availability of the industry’s most power efficient, six-core DSP (digital signal processor), the TMS320C6472, targeted at process-intensive applications requiring low power consumption.To help evaluate the performance of the C6472 devices more easily and affordably, TI is also offering a multicore processors evaluation module (EVM), the TMDXEVM6472, for USD $349.

With the C6472, TI has broken the power performance barrier by fully optimizing the device for applications where performance per watt is a critical requirement. The C6472 DSP offers the lowest power consumption with the highest processing performance of any multicore DSP with the total of 3GHz performance in the market, performing at 3.7W performance and 0.15 mW/MIPS. TI’s power-efficient C6472 was designed to support applications that drive many channels, demand maximum performance density and for which designers must have access to sophisticated functions. Additionally, many applications utilizing the C6472 will not require any external memory, further improving the power profile and cost effectiveness of the device.These devices are ideal for markets such as high-end industrial, test and measurement, communication, medical imaging, high-end imaging and video, and blade server. TI provides extensive support for the C6472, including an evaluation module, robust software libraries and a third-party ecosystem, to further facilitate the process of writing code that runs optimally on multicore devices. For more information on TI’s C6472 high-performance multicore DSP, please visit: www.ti.com/c6472pr-wn

C6472 DSP key features and benefits:

·       Six high-speed C64X+ DSP cores running at 500MHz, 625MHz, 700MHz, and fully backward compatible with other C64X DSP cores.
·       Up to 4.2 GHz/33600 MMACs and 4.8 MB on-chip L1/L2 RAM.
·       Offers best power efficiency in the industry with 3GHz performance at 0.15 mW/MIPS.
·       Optimized DSP architecture maximizes subsystem performance on a chip. One of the advantages of this architecture is that in addition to dedicated L1 and L2 memory to each core, the C6472 features 768KB shared L2 program/data memory and a shared memory controller to facilitate high efficient and flexible inter DSP core communications.
·       Contains rich device peripherals which include: GigaBit Ethernet, Serial RapidIO (SRIO), DDR2, telecom serial interface port (TSIP), host port interface (HPI), Utopia, Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Bus (I2C) and general purpose input/output (GPIO).
Developer network for the C6472:

·       Adaptive Digital Technologies (Adaptive Digital):Manufacturers leveraging Adaptive Digital’s field-proven DSP algorithms and G.PAK™ framework can support applications such as high-density VoIP, AT&T-certified G.168 echo cancellation, conferencing, and transcoding.  
·       ENEA:With optimized multicore support for the TI C6472, the Enea OSEck®  RTOS along with the Enea LINX® scalable and reliable messaging layer, plus secure IP/signaling/NGN media networking protocols delivers exceptional reliability, performance and time-to-market acceleration. Enea dSPEED® data plane management framework and Enea Optima® eclipse-based system debugging tools supports comprehensive remote management/monitoring of deployed systems and system level visualization in the design lab.
·       RadiSys:The RadiSys Promentum® ATCA-9100-TI is an ATCA media processing blade that includes two purpose-built mezzanine cards to house up to 20 6-core TI C6472 per blade providing the highest density of media processing through the use of the latest multicore DSP silicon from TI for applications such as IPTV and Mobile Video/TV.
·       Sundance Multiprocessor Technologies Ltd: Sundance’s EVP6472 supports two TI C6472 multicore DSPs, closely coupled to a state-of-the-art FPGA and is supported by 3L’s Diamond RTOS and TI’s CCS tools for rapid prototyping/debugging of applications. The EVP6472 will be introduced at USD $2,000 for a limited period and will ship in December 2009.
·        SURF: When combined with TI’s C6472, SURF enables multimedia applications by providing a leading DSP-based video & voice engine, which includes multi-screen transcoding, video streaming, high-scale conferencing, content enrichment, quality boosting and more. Manufacturers leveraging SURF’s comprehensive toolbox can significantly broaden their product portfolio, enrich applications, achieve superior QoE, shorten time-to-market and focus on creative applications and services.
Pricing and availability

The TMS320C6472 is available starting at USD $140 in quantities of 1K units. To help speed development, developers can take advantage of the low cost high performance evaluation module TMDXEVM6472 for USD $349.
Find out more about TI’s C6472 DSP by visiting the links below:
·       C6472 Overview Page:www.ti.com/c6472pr-wn
·       C6472 Product Folder: www.ti.com/c6472pr-pf
About Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN) helps customers solve problems and develop new electronics that make the world smarter, healthier, safer, greener and more fun. A global semiconductor company, TI innovates through design, sales and manufacturing operations in more than 30 countries. 

For more information, go to www.ti.com.
EuropeanCustomer Support Center(ECSC) www-k.ext.ti.com/sc/technical-support/pic/euro.htm

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