The ACE Awards are going green -

The ACE Awards are going green


If you're a regular reader of any of our publications and sites, you know that we're the brains behind the EE Times' Annual Creativity in Electronics Awards, better known as the ACE Awards. With the ACE Awards, we celebrate the creators of technology who demonstrate leadership and innovation in the global industry and shape the world we live in. The finalists and winners are recognized for their achievements during the past year, and the leading industry executives and members of the media come together to honor the electronics industry's most innovative companies and breakthrough technologies.

These awards are the most prestigious in our industry, and the deadline for submissions is coming up on January 23. You can submit your entry at The awards ceremony will take place during the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose on March 31.

New to the program this year is a series of awards aimed at renewable energy:

Most Innovative Technology of the Year Award in Photovoltaics:
This award will go to a company bringing real innovation in the form of higher conversion efficiencies, new materials, novel configurations, and better energy storage.

Most Innovative Technology of the Year Award in Solar/Thermal:
For emerging companies that have found new ways to store and transmit power generated by solar/thermal techniques.

Most Creative Renewable Energy Award:
For companies specializing in wind power, ocean wave power, fuel cells, battery technologies, biofuels, energy storage, or hybrid/electric cars.

Most Promising Renewable Energy Award:
Awarded to a company that's closest to deploying renewable energy sources that offer the quickest return on investment and lower carbon footprint.

Best Enabler Award for Green Engineering:
In this “enabler” category, we look at the everyday technologies that must be engineered (or re-engineered) in the background to conserve power. This award goes to a company developing novel new architectures, new energy-saving algorithms with real-world applications.

A bunch of other categories are on well, so check them out. And enter before it's too late.

Richard Nass is editor in chief of Embedded Systems Design magazine and editorial director of TechInsights. He can be reached at .

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