The DS1007 PPC Processor Board from dSPACE boosts performance in control engineering apps -

The DS1007 PPC Processor Board from dSPACE boosts performance in control engineering apps


The DS1007 PPC Processor Board for real-time systems from dSPACE handles demanding computing requirements for developing control systems for complex modern applications. With its PowerPC architecture based on the dual-core, 2 GHz processor QorlQ P5020 by Freescale, the DS1007 meets the requirements for high computing power and low-latency I/O access.

The processor features a parallel interface between the I/O peripherals and computing cores that allows fast I/O access with very low latencies. Because the latency for even a single I/O access is critical for overall performance in control engineering, this processor architecture delivers significant advantages over x86 architectures, where I/O access is performed as serial communication via the PCI Express bus. The parallel I/O access of the QorIQ processor results in higher maximum closed-loop sampling rates despite less computing power.

Simulink models are configured via the graphical user interface provided by dSPACE’s Real-Time Interface for Multiprocessor Systems. This makes it easy for developers to partition and distribute complex control algorithm models onto the two processor cores for optimal performance. It also simplifies data transfer between parts of the application distributed across the cores. Developers can therefore focus on their control algorithm development tasks rather than on managing computation complexity, which speeds up their product development work with complex systems.

The Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on the DS1007 board enable high-speed data transfer with the host PC and other Ethernet-based devices.

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