The Hatley/Pirbhai Methods - Eight Years of Lessons Learned -

The Hatley/Pirbhai Methods – Eight Years of Lessons Learned


About eight years ago, Imtiaz Pirbhai and I realized that the methods we were separately developing were eminently compatible with each other, and that together they formed a methodological framework that was unique in its coverage of the complete system development process. Since that time, those methods have been adopted by many corporations worldwide, both large and small; they have been successfully used on hundreds – perhaps thousands – of projects; the Requirements Method has been automated by many of the major CASE tools; and work is now progressing on the automation of the Architecture Method.
This history has provided a wealth of experience-both good and bad-in the use of the methods, and this paper takes a look at the lessons learned from that experience. It discusses the early errors of misuse and overuse, the successes and failures of automating of the methods, adaptation of the methods to suit specific individual needs, and future prospects for the methods in light of the experience gained and in the presence of other, more recent methods.

ESC_1992_Vol1_Page305_Hatley_The HatIey/Pirbhai Methods – Eight Years of Lessons Learned.pdf

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