The iPhone 6's future roadmap revealed -

The iPhone 6’s future roadmap revealed

PORTLAND, Ore. — Apple's new iPhone-6 and -6 Plus were pretty much as predicted by Jorden Edelson in iPhone 6 Facts — Finally, Apple app developer spills the beans. As chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of Appetizer Mobile (NYC), one of the top 10 top mobile app developers, Edelson has already been hard at work adapting the over 150 apps his company has developed to be compatible with iOS-8, the iPhone-6 and -6 Plus operating system. He was not far off in his hardware predictions and now he claims to have the inside scoop on how the future software apps will be more useful on the new platform.

Edelson made a variety of predictions, not all in EE Times, some were also made on Bloomberg TV, ABC News and Fox News. All in all, he made more hits than misses and claims the misses will still come true — just a little further down the road.

“A lot of my predictions came true,” Edelson told EE Times. “As far as the size of the devices — the 4.7- and 5.5-inches — they came true — the same for the A8 processor, which came out at about 25 percent faster, whereas I had estimated 30-to-50 percent, so they came out on the lower end of that. I did predict how this NFC [near-field communication] and thing would work — that whole Apple Pay process of not storing your credit card information in the cloud or locally on the device. A lot of vendors are going to start using Apple Pay because of its security features and ease of installation.”

However, Edelson did not hit on all eight cylinders.

Apple's Watch's screen can look like a normal watch, became a jumbled version of the home screen on the iPhone, or be taken over by a single app.(Source: Apple)

Apple's Watch's screen can look like a normal watch, became a jumbled version of the home screen on the iPhone, or be taken over by a single app.
(Source: Apple)

Another face to Apple Watch.(Source: Apple)

Another face to Apple Watch.
(Source: Apple)

“I missed on the sapphire iPhone screens, which are just on the watch, but I still predict they are going to do that on the phones too, not just yet,” Edelson told EE Times.

One of the things that has Edelson most excited is the possibilities presented by iOS-8, which opened 4000 APIs (application programmer's interfaces) including access to Siri. The possibility of apps cooperating together opens the door to true artificial intelligence (AI) according to Edelson.

“The biggest change for apps is the ability to share data with each other — being able to take data that's already available in one app and use it in yours, making it more of a connected experience,” Edelson told EE Times. “Siri will also be taking advantage of this new connectivity — where apps are speaking to each other — for instance Siri can find you an airline flight now, but cannot book it for you too. But with apps cooperating with each other Siri could turn into a real personal assistant who can do the kinds of things that a human assistant could do for you.”

Jordan Edelson on ABC News.(Source: Appetizer Mobile)

Jordan Edelson on ABC News.
(Source: Appetizer Mobile)

Edelson is also excited about the Apple Watch and has several cooperating apps under development that will involve using the iPhone 6 with the Watch.

“The Apple Watch is also now an almost seamless part of the iOS-8, allowing apps on the iPhone to cooperate with ones on the Watch and vice versa,” said Edelson. “Apple's Watch Kit will give developers new ways to build experiences on the phone, which extends to the watch — we are developing several apps that use both the phone and the watch.”

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