The latest on H.264/H.265 coders -

The latest on H.264/H.265 coders

If you are an embedded software or hardware engineer who wants to keep current on all things relating to the various video coding and compression standards that are emerging, you best bet is the web site for the Moving Pictures Experts Group .

It maintains an up to date posting of all documentation relating to the standards they develop and propose, including t he H.264/H.265 coders (also known as MPEG-4 Part 10).

Wading through all of that documentation can be a chore though. So my recommendation is to save the following pages on Wikipedia to your browser favorites list:

H.264-MPEG-4 AVC
High Efficiency Video Coder (H.265)

They provide a good summary of the various iterations the specifications have and continue to go though. The video coding community also does a good job of keeping the information on the relevant pages up to date.

But for an engineer/software developers point of view and commentary, I recommend also adding the site  to your web browser favorites.

It is maintained by two video coder developers active in all areas on a day to day basis. One, Jie Dong is interested in the use of H.265 in HD video coding and processing, and has been engaged in the standardization effort of HEVC and its extensions since 2011. The other, Yu Liu, is more intersted in 3D video coding and HDTV post-processing, and is currently working on the HEVC-related product development.

In their spare time, they keep following the research directions of the international standardization groups, such as VCEG and MPEG, and post the blogs on the site with their running commentary from an working engineer’s point of view..

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