The MathWorks adds component modelling language to Simscape -

The MathWorks adds component modelling language to Simscape


LONDON — Version 3 of Simscape from The Mathworks includes a new language which provides the ability for users to create their own physical modelling components and libraries in the Simulink environment.

The language extends Simulink for modelling and simulating mechatronic and other multidomain physical systems using a physical network, or a causal modelling approach.

The language is based on the MATLAB language and enables engineers to develop reusable models of components and systems for technologies such as fuel cells, wind power systems and hybrid electric vehicles.

Simscape can be extended by end users and partners to create and share reusable models, thereby raising the efficiency of teams and improving communication.

With these shared physical models, design teams can simulate system behaviour more accurately, develop more robust control strategies, perform design tradeoffs and find system performance errors early in the development process. Companies should be able to explore more design options and help reduce the cost of testing, as errors are found in simulation rather than requiring hardware prototypes.

The design of mechatronics systems means that engineers need simulation tools that span electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and other physical domains. Previously this involved tools from multiple software vendors being connected co-simulation. This could be time-consuming and require detailed understanding of simulation techniques.

By combining Simscape with domain-specific physical modelling tools from The MathWorks (SimElectronics, SimMechanics, SimDriveline, SimHydraulics, and SimPowerSystems) designers have a a single environment which avoids the complex task of setting up co-simulation.

Simscape models can be converted to C code using Real-Time Workshop and the code used as a standalone executable, incorporated into other simulation environments and executed in real-time on hardware-in-the-loop systems.

It can be used to model custom systems such as electrohydraulic valves, electromechanical actuators, inverting op-amps, heat transfer in a dc motor.

For modeling electrical components Simscape provides electrical building blocks for representing electrical components and circuits. In addition to basic elements like resistors, capacitors, and inductors, more complex elements such as op-amps and transformers are also included. More elaborate electronic and electromechanical components are available in SimElectronics.

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