The MathWorks adds Oxford to student support initiative -

The MathWorks adds Oxford to student support initiative


LONDON — The MathWorks is to sponsor Oxford University postgraduate research students and undergraduate students in a number of disciplines, such as computing, mathematics, statistics, physics, and engineering science.

As part of a European initiative the company will fund three to four research studentships at Oxford University over the next 12 years. Jack Little, president CEO and co-founder of The MathWorks, has made a formal presentation of the fund to Prof. Robin Devenish, Vice-Chairman (Academic) of the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division, and other representatives of Oxford University.

This follows the launch of similar studentship arrangements for Cambridge University earlier this year and another in Stuttgart.

The studentship pays college fees, contributes to research costs and provides a maintenance grant. Each graduate research student will also have the opportunity to be employed by The MathWorks on a graduate-equivalent salary for six to eight weeks annually. In addition, The MathWorks is also funding a scheme in which two final year undergraduate students will be awarded a bursary and a mentor from industry to focus on a specific MathWorks related project.

Little said, “The European focus of our new studentships is very important to The MathWorks. Although we’ve had success in the U.S. with similar schemes they are less common here and we hope to help attract and retain some very bright maths and computing talent to science and engineering.”

The first ‘MathWorks Studentship in Mathematics and Science’ will be awarded in October 2006.

The MathWorks has a long association with Oxford University dating back to the first sale of MATLAB over 20 years ago to Prof Nick Trefethen, a numerical analyst in the Computing Laboratory. MathWorks software is currently used in universities and by industrial developers worldwide to analyse and simulate any simple or complex function that can be described mathematically, or anything that produces data.

Professor Keith Burnett CBE, FRS, Head of the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division, said, “The University greatly values its collaborative activities with business and industry. This partnership with The MathWorks fits exactly with Government and UK Research Council initiatives to encourage more collaborative ventures between employers and research institutions, and to encourage the ablest students to pursue a career in science, engineering and technology.”

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