The Quasi-weekly Update -

The Quasi-weekly Update


While introducing keynote speaker Douglas Adams at the recent Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco, I recounted the story of the ESC instructor who departed from the UK on his way to San Jose, CA to lead two sessions at last fall's event and accidentally wound up in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Several people expressed skepticism about the veracity of this tale. Ken Tindell, the instructor who underwent this amusing, albeit semi-harrowing, experience, stands by his story.*

In the keynote, Douglas Adams mentioned that when the telephone was invented, people thought that its purpose was to allow you to call people and let them know that you had sent them a telegram. Based on the number of PR folks who call to tell me they have sent me e-mail, that sort of misunderstanding and misuse of technology is alive and well today.

Now on to what's happening on this week. The May issue of Embedded Systems Programming has been posted. On the off chance you're suffering from short-term memory loss, this month's “Beginner's Corner”, features a tutorial by Michael Barr in which he enumerates and describes the types of memory available for embedded system development.

Ever wonder why, when you press the walk button at the street corner, the light doesn't change Just Like That? This week in “Embedded Pulse” Jack Ganssle decries pointless delays in the response time of embedded systems. As usual, he has posted a new poll to accompany it.

Tired of the Department of Justice vs. Microsoft flap? Resident curmudgeon Bernie Cole steps up with an elegant solution to the whole problem in “Net-centric View”. See what you think.

Beginning this week has added an element called “Around The Web,” which you'll find in the lower right-hand corner of the home page. That's where you'll find things that the staff insists are germane and wants to include, but which doesn't fit anywhere else.

Got a bone to pick? “Embedded Soapbox” is open to rants and/or raves or philosophical musings from developers. This week a reader in “The Up Side to Obsolescence”, responds to Ganssle's “Plllttghharhgg”. Readers who want to contribute can contact me with their ideas.

*Reader Anastasia Bermudez of the U.K. comments:

Enjoyed the story about Ken Tindell's mis-adventures in Latin America, he should have stayed a while and enjoyed the night life. Fortunately when I was about to fly to San Jose California for the first time the ticket agency asked me, “Do you mean the one in California?”, I said, “Is there another one?”, Europeans can be so ignorant!

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