The semi IP business comes under the microscope -

The semi IP business comes under the microscope

In late 2008, Warren Savage gathered a group of the semiconductor industry’s foremost experts in intellectual property (IP) and posed a set of ten questions to probe the challenges associated with the industry and to gain some insight from this diverse team into the future of our business.

Each of the experts were placed in a ‘cone of silence’ while he asked questions and they gave their answers, unpolluted by one another’s viewpoints. The results Q&A sessions were published as part of his On Cores blog which is hosted on Design & Reuse intellectual property search website.

In an article in this months Embedded Systems Europe, he offers up his own answers to the questions. With all of the uncertainty that surrounds us in a very difficult economic time for the entire world, the only certainty that Savage can see is that the smooth exchange of intellectual property will become an even more essential part of the semiconductor industry.

In the last semiconductor downturn (2001-2004), we saw the longest and deepest recession in the history of the industry. During this time we saw EDA growth stall for the first time in its history while IP continued to grow. While EDA never did get its groove back, IP kept growing at double digit figures. Savage fully expects to see growth in IP in 2009.

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