Things to like and to not like about Apple's Watch -

Things to like and to not like about Apple’s Watch

PARIS — After a series of smartwatch flops, the consumer electronics crowd came to regard wearables with an air of wariness and weariness. But that’s all changed now: Apple is here to save the day and Apple Watch is on the way!

Suddenly, even research firms like the Acquity Group, part of Accenture Interactive, are citing a recent study that concludes the adoption of wearable IoT technology — such as smartwatches and fitness devices — is “on the rise, with nearly half of consumers already owning or planning to purchase a device in this category in the next five years.”

It seems as though, at the flick of a switch, the whole world decided they love smartwatches after all.

But on second thought, this phenomenon might not be such a surprise. Apple is promoting its watch to a generation of young people who grew up disdaining wristwatches. As a new toy for this demographic, Apple Watch may be cultivating an untapped market.

While I’m not quite certain how things will turn out (remember, Apple Watch won’t hit the market until 2015), here in the following pages are a few things I see Apple has done right (hits) and some others I question (potential misses).

Different ways to tell time on Apple Watch. (Source: Apple)

Different ways to tell time on Apple Watch. (Source: Apple)

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