Third parties add support for Renesas RX600 MCUs -

Third parties add support for Renesas RX600 MCUs


In the build up to its DevCon next week Renesas Electronics America Inc. has released details  of work it is doing with a selection of third parties to provide enhanced support for its RX600 microcontroller range.

Products developed include a Wi-Fi (802.11n) kit jointly developed with Redpine Signals Inc., compiler support from IAR Systems, as well as various RTOS and middleware support from Micrium, SEGGER, CMX and FreeRTOS.

Renesas Electronics America and Redpine Signals have jointly developed 802.11a/b/g/n wireless-connectivity solutions to eanable system engineers to add low-power, single-stream 802.11n Wi-Fi capability to embedded systems that use Renesas Electronics’ RX600 MCUs.

These solutions are based on the Connect-io-n modules from Redpine Signals, which eases the design of new systems and the upgrade of existing products to provide wireless data communications while meeting stringent power and high throughput requirements.
The self-contained Connect-io-n 802.11n modules and can be integrated them designs built with devices in the R8C, RX600 and SuperH (SH) families. The Redpine module products offer SPI and UART interfaces and provide wireless connectivity over 10 megabits per second (Mbps) on the SPI interface, or up to 4Mbps on the UART interface.

Available with an option for TCP/IP and Web applications embedded within the Wi-Fi module, the Connect-io-n modules enable MCU driver footprints of less than 9 kilobytes (KB) for the SPI interface and less than 2KB for the UART interface. With modular certification for FCC and other equivalent certifications in other regions, these modules enable enhancement of existing RX-based designs with future-proof Wi-Fi 802.11n functionality. The RX62N Wi-Fi kit will be available for $199 through Redpine Signals beginning November 2010.

To aid development Renesas Electronics is also providing the High-Performance Embedded Workshop (HEW) integrated development environment (IDE). The HEW includes the RX-optimizing C/C++ compiler with integrated support for the low-cost E1 JTAG on-chip debugging tool, as well as the comprehensive E20 high-speed trace on-chip debugging tool. Third-party support for RTOS, middleware, communication protocol stacks, and color graphics is available from the global community of Renesas Electronics’ partner vendors.
Micrium has recently published a book, µC/OS-III: The Real-Time Kernel, by Jean Labrosse. It contains more than 700 pages of information on how to use a kernel, but also approximately 200 pages on how to actually perform hands-on exercises using the Renesas Electronics RX62N-based companion evaluation board. Micrium has also ported its µC/TCP-IP to the RX family to run the µC/Probe, Micrium’s run-time data monitoring tool. µC/Probe access to target data is also available through SEGGER’s J-Link for the RX family. Additional Micrium RTOS modules are being ported and will be announced shortly.

SEGGER Microcontroller has introduced a toolset of development and production solutions which includes embOS, an RTOS which is optimized for low resource usage; emWin, a professional graphics package; embOS/IP, the fastest IP-Stack offered for an embedded system; emFile, a file system with sophisticated features such as journaling and flash-memory-wear leveling; and emUSB, a USB device/host stack. A sample software package can be downloaded .

SEGGER is also introducing a fast RX debug probes available on the market. The time-proven J-Link emulator and the enhanced J-Link ULTRA emulator now offer support for the Renesas Electronics RX platform.
CMX Systems, a designer of real-time operating systems, TCP/IP stacks, flash file systems and USB software, has made the CMX-RTX real-time operating system, the small-footprint CMX-MicroNet TCP/IP stack, the full-featured CMX-TCP/IP stack, as well as a variety of CMX-FFS flash file systems available for the Renesas Electronics RX600 MCU Series. CMX-USB host and device software will be available soon. All CMX products are provided as full source code with free technical support and without royalties.

FreeRTOS now has released fully maintained ports of its operating system targeting the RX architecture with specific communication stacks for the RX62N.

Three separate compiler ports have been developed to support the Renesas Electronics, IAR Systems and GNU toolchains. Each port includes demonstration applications designed to run on a number of platforms including the Renesas Starter Kit (RSK) and the Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK). These demonstrations range from simple flashing of LEDs using a number of the operating system’s key features (designed as a kick-start for target-application development) to a full TCP/IP web server. Best of all, these ports are available for download and are totally royalty free under a modified GPL license (FreeRTOS) or with technical support and warranty as OpenRTOS (chargeable). More information can be found here.
IAR Embedded Workbench provides an optimized C and C++ compiler for the RX MCU family and is in full compliance with the Renesas Electronics RX ABI. It also offers integration with Renesas Electronics E1 and E20 debugging hardware along with other third-party debuggers.

Renesas Electronics America has also just developed a RX62N demonstration kit with connectivity for use in the design of industrial applications.

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