Thirtyseven4 launches security suite for Android devices -

Thirtyseven4 launches security suite for Android devices

Thirtyseven4 Mobile Security for Android (TS4Android) from Thirtyseven4, LLC, is a complete security solution to protect Android smartphones and tablets against all types of malware including viruses, rootkits, and spyware. In addition to detection, prevention and removal, TS4Android offers advanced security settings including Call Blocking, Text Messaging Blocking, an Anti-theft module, and Data Protection features. According to the company, TS4Android the most comprehensive security solution for Android on the market.

TS4Android features include:

  • Virus Protection: an on-access virus scanner module providing real-time protection against malware, an on-demand scanner for launching manual scans is also included. Updates are downloaded automatically
  • Call Blocking: allows the ability to deny unwanted calls and the creation of a user configured Black List or White List
  • Text Blocking: filters unwanted texts silently and provides the option to scan embedded links within messages for infected or malicious links
  • Anti-theft module: provides mobile tracking capabilities
  • Data Protection: an advanced feature to safeguard against a lost or stolen device; remotely locking the devices access, remote data wiping

A 30 day evaluation license of Thirtyseven4 Mobile Security is available at For more information contact Thirtyseven4 at 877-374-7581 or email .

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