This week in EE Times Europe print edition -

This week in EE Times Europe print edition

Here are a selection of articles that appeared in the latest EE Times Europe print edition: May 7 – 20. Click on the headline to see the full story.

EDA wrestles with the multiprocessor era

EDA companies, academic institutions, stalwarts of IT and some inspired startups are wrestling with one of the fundamental questions besetting the electronics industry: what’s the best way to go parallel?

Smart Cards: Growth drives competition

While the smart card IC market is booming, competition is heating up creating blistering price pressure – and so vendors are working feverishly to open up new application fields.

Wibree spec stays on track

It has been more than seven months since Nokia and a group of semiconductor companies and OEMs launched the Wibree initiative to an eager yet slightly skeptical world. The aim is to develop a standard and start deploying a low-power extension to the successful Bluetooth specification that would target short-range wireless sensor links. The open industry initiative said the target would be to connect small, very low-power devices, such as watches and medical and sports sensors, to larger equipment such as mobile phones and PCs.

Russia considers copying the Israeli venture capital model

Russia is considering copying the Israeli venture capital model, which is massively backed by the government, according to Israeli sources.

Electronics comes to the aid of paralyzed limbs

Bioness Inc. (Santa Clara, California) has developed an electrical stimulation device that it claims helps patients move paralyzed limbs. The company is offering two different devices, the NESS L300, for legs and the NESS H200, for the hands.

Baltic EMS gets specialized

Kaunas is a city where two rivers, the Neris and the Nemunas, converge. It is also a place where contract-manufacturing work is flowing in and creating a small, thriving and increasingly specialized electronics manufacturing services industry.

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