Threat management gateway appliances protect embedded computers -

Threat management gateway appliances protect embedded computers

Captec's TMG series of threat management gateway appliances have been specifically designed to comprehensively protect embedded computers from a multitude of cyber threats. Such computers cannot use regularly updated and patched security software in case this creates instability to its operation. In some special cases the equipment may also be certified, thereby preventing any part of the software to be modified.

Based on Microsoft's Forefront Threat Management software, the TMG series prevents un-authorised access to embedded computers in a Local Area Network (LAN). As a Microsoft server family product it seamlessly integrates with Active Directory for ease of centralised management, with a familiar, simple to use industry standard user interface. Recent Stuxnet Malware incidents have highlighted the vulnerability and risks associated with embedded computers that by necessity need to connect to Wide Area Networks (WAN) or to the internet.

This may occur directly or at times indirectly via servicing engineers connecting laptops to equipment whilst wirelessly connected to the internet. Most cyber security offerings concentrate on dealing with an attack rather than preventing it. The TMG series has an anti-virus search capability that works alongside the firewall, capable of identifying threats and blocking them before they can infect embedded computers on the network. The TMG series is available in multiple form factors including 1U/2U rack-mount appliance or standalone desktop mounting.

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This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

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