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TI 2.5-kVrms digital isolation devices are rated 2.5 kV rms


Texas Instruments has introduced the ISO71xx family of digital isolation devices with isolation ratings of 2.5 kV rms, in a small, 5- by 6-mm QSOP package. The ISO71xx family is 50 percent smaller than traditional SOIC isolation devices and, according to the company, provides an isolation rating 2.5 times better than competitive devices in the same package. The low-power ISO71xx family offers up to 2.5 times higher common-mode transient immunity and 30-percent better maximum working voltage versus similar devices.

The family includes six triple and quad devices based on integrated silicon dioxide capacitors and provides both resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and lower EMI radiance to provide increased reliability in harsh environments. To further enhance performance, the devices incorporate a glitch filter to smooth operation at lower frequencies. And with a power rating of approximately 1 mA per channel, the new isolation devices enable low power in these environments.

By combining the ISO71xx family with TI's wide portfolio of gate driver ICs, such as the UCC27531, UCC27517 or UCC27211, it is possible for designers to build compact, high-speed, industrial automation systems and offline, isolated switch-mode power supplies where there is need for the PWM control signal to cross the isolation barrier from one side and drive power semiconductor switches on the other side with short propagation delays.

The triple ISO7131CC and quad ISO7140FCC, ISO7140CC, ISO7141FCC, ISO7141CC and ISO7142CC devices are available in 16-pin, 5- by 6-mm QSOP packages. Suggested retail pricing in 1,000-unit quantities starts at US$1.60.

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