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TI adds software ecosystem MSP430 16-bit MCUs


Texas Instruments has expanded its Code Composer Studio integrated development environment (IDE) with access to software and design resources for use with its  MSP430 microcontrollers.

MSP430Ware has an intuitive graphical user interface which provides access MSP430 MCU information by device, tool or software library. Automatic web updates ensure  access the latest up to date information such as documentation, code examples, and project templates.

It provides access to existing software tools as well as new resources such as the MSP430 Driver Library which allows the configuration, enablement and use of MSP430F5xx and MSP430F6xx MCU peripherals through application programming interface (API) and simple function calls. This abstracted API library eliminates bitwise programming includes a detailed  guide for each function call for peripherals such as ADC, DACs, timers, and serial communication interfaces.

Also packaged within MSP430Ware are project templates for Grace 1.1, the most recent version of the Grace software platform, which enables developers to enable and configure MSP430 Value Line and MSP430F2xx device peripherals. The MSP430 USB Developer’s Package is also available, which includes all necessary APIs and examples to begin USB development.

MSP430Ware is also available as a standalone tool with resources to support other IDEs such as IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 devices, a commercial tool chain as well as MSPGCC, a free, open source GCC tool chain.

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The introduction of MSP430Ware follows a similar initiative which incorporated StellarisWare and C2000 ControlSUITE in to Code Composer Studio.

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