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TI boosts TMS320C6412 DSP to 720 MHz

Houston, Tex.– Texas Instruments has boosted the speed of its TMS320C6412 DSP to 720 MHz. The 500- and 600 MHz versions of the DSP family, launched in 2003 have been in full production. The 720 MHz TMS320C6412 DSP is 100 percent code-compatible with other TMS320C6000 DSPs and supported by TI's software and tools, helping to simplify system development for faster time to market. For more information, please see: www.ti.com


Among the types of systems that can benefit from the high performance and cost savings of the C6412 DSP are networked applications such as voice-over packet and video servers; high-resolution and industrial imaging applications such as professional imaging and visual inspection systems; and office machines such as printers, scanners, copiers and faxes, according to TI.

Based on TI's highest-performing DSP core architecture and 130nm CMOS process technology, the 720 MHz C6412 DSP achieves 2,880 million 16-bit multiply-accumulate operations (MMACs) per second. The C6412's new performance levels enable developers of high-end, multi-channel communications systems to replace multiple DSPs in production systems with a single C6412, and utilize an on chip Ethernet MAC (media access controller) and/or PCI interface for efficient communications.

“With the emerging desire of telecom providers to add video processing to their existing voice applications, the extra 120 MHz provided in TI's new chip positions it perfectly to fit the triple-play (voice/video/data) usage model forecast for the coming year,” states Avi Fisher, chief technology officer of Surf Communication Solutions. “The increased performance of the new DSP enables Surf to either increase our densities by a factor of 20 percent and increase our channel density from 32 universal ports (voice/fax/data) to 38; or enable 32 universal ports alongside video transcoding ports. This makes the C6412 an ideal solution for an all-in-one enterprise gateway for triple-play applications because it allows simultaneous processing of all these transmission types on the same DSP.”

The device integrates an optimized mix of peripherals that provide design flexibility and fast data throughput while saving external components and board space. Peripheral functions include an on-chip Ethernet MAC, peripheral component interconnect (PCI) port, host port interface (HPI), enhanced direct memory access (EDMA) controller supporting up to 64 independent channels, and 64-bit external memory interface (EMIF). To further speed processing, the device also integrates generous on-chip random access memory (RAM), featuring 256 Kbytes in level 2 cache.

Production-qualified samples of the 720 MHz C6412 DSP are available now, with volume production scheduled for 2Q05. Production order entry is open now for 720 MHz versions. C6412 pricing ranges from $37.95 for 500 MHz to $63.99 for 720 MHz, per unit in quantities of 10K units.

For more information on TI's DSPs, please visit www.ti.com.


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