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TI brings new vision to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Texas Instruments has just made available its Vision Software Development Kit (SDK) , a flexible framework with a comprehensive set of hardware device drivers and development tools for more efficient implementations of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on its heterogonous TDA2x SoC architecture.

Built around the company's SYS/BIOS RTOS the company said it is aimed at allowing multiple algorithms to run concurrently on numerous heterogonous cores. In addition it incorporates a number of debug and instrumentation features that will make it possible for algorithm developers to benchmark and profile their algorithms in a system context.

TI is also making libraries available for both its Embedded Vision Engine (EVE) and digital signal processor (DSP) on the TDA2x System-on-Chip (SoC). The libraries include more than 200 optimized functions for both EVE and DSP libraries, providing customers and third parties with the building blocks to jump start development and reduce the time to market. The EVE and DSP libraries are available for low-to-mid and high-level vision processing. At CES 2014, TI showcased a surround view demo and the industry's first 1080p60 dense optical flow in a real-time demo built using the EVE and DSP libraries.

The TDA2x also incorporates the company's Vision AccelerationPac with a mix of high performance, vision analytics, video, graphics and general purpose processing cores in a low-power envelope for use across a broad range of ADAS applications.

The TDA2x is under development respecting the relevant requirements of ISO 26262 functional safety standard. Supporting safety documentation will be available to customers upon device PPAP and release.

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