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TI DSP network brings codecs to Europe


LONDON — Kane Computing Ltd is to distribute BroadMotion’s JPEG2000 codecs throughout Europe.

“We already have extensive experience selling other video compression solutions such as MPEG2, MPEG4 and H.264. The availability of BroadMotion’s JPEG2000 solutions for DSPs and DSP/FPGA platforms will be a very welcome alternative in many of our engagements,” said Richard White, Managing Director of Kane Computing Ltd (Northwich, England).

“The demand for JPEG2000 in the European market is strong and we needed an organization that could effectively educate prospective customers on the best hardware and software solutions for implementing JPEG2000,” said Chris Komnick, vice president of business development for BroadMotion.

BroadMotion and Kane Computing are both members of Texas Instrument's TMS320 third party program, which includes more than 650 independent companies and consultants.

“We continue to see a demand for JPEG2000 from our customers throughout the world,” said Richard Faust, worldwide DSP partners and ASP network manager, at TI. “This partnership demonstrates how the TI DSP Third Party Network is creating worldwide accessibility to innovative solutions built around the TI DSP architecture.”

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