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TI goes for remote diagnostics with new USB-enabled C2000 MCUs


Looking for ways to help developers design products which require on-site connectivity, Texas Instruments has just released new versions of its 32-32-bit, real-time C2000 Piccolo F2806xU microcontrollers (MCU) with integrated USB connectivity.

The justification is the need in many apps, such as consumer and industrial motor control systems, industrial power systems, telecom and data systems, wind and solar energy generation and general power electronic, to be able to access diagnostics and make on-the-go changes in the field.

The integrated USB 2.0 and CAN peripherals are design specifically for on-the-go communications in the Field and a 12-bit, 3 MSPS, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is capable of simultaneous, dual sampling and on-chip voltage reference for quick and accurate system feedback.

It also incorporates three high-speed analog comparators with 30ns response time promote near instantaneous fault responsiveness.

Important in these applications is the incorporation of a C-programmable, 32-bit floating-point CLA co-processor which makes possible improvements in system performance by up to twofold, enabling closed loop control of multiple independent targets.

The CLA has direct control of on-chip peripherals and features its own bus and memory structure to support parallel execution of algorithms.

In addition to the C28x core and CLA, an onchip Viterbi Complex Math Unit (VCU) provides 75 tailored math instructions to accelerate processing of communications algorithms.

Code compatibility across the C2000 MCU platform allows developers to scale solutions from 40 MHz to 300 MHz.

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