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TI Hercules MCUs meet ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 standards


Texas Instruments' Hercules TMS570LS12x/11x and RM46x microcontrollers (MCUs) are certified by TÜV SÜD to meet the relevant requirements of ISO 26262:2011 and IEC 61508:2010 functional safety standards to ASIL D and SIL 3 levels of safety integrity. This helps reduce the time and effort OEMs spend taking their products through certification. TI also announces two new LaunchPad development kits, providing low-cost, entry-level options for developers who want to assess the certified MCUs’ functional safety features and performance.

These TMS570LS12x/11x MCUs help developers create functional-safety-related applications for the automotive and transportation industry, offering frequencies up to 180 MHz. The automotive-qualified TMS570LS12x/11x MCUs offer a variety of performance, memory, and peripheral options to help meet a range of system needs.

The high-performance Hercules RM46x MCUs support industrial and general-purpose functional-safety-related applications and offer frequencies up to 220 MHz. The RM46x MCUs provide various performance and memory configurations as well as targeted motor control capabilities.

Integrated diagnostics include dual ARM Cortex-R4 floating-point CPUs in lockstep, CPU and SRAM built-in-self-test (BIST), and transaction-based error correction codes (ECC) on the flash and RAM interfaces and memory, which can detect dual-bit faults and correct single-bit faults.

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Developers can evaluate the TÜV SÜD-certified Hercules TMS570LS12x/11x and RM46x MCUs with two new LaunchPad development kits. These kits each contain a development board, USB cable and a quick start guide to jumpstart out-of-the-box evaluation. On-board emulation and Hercules MCU functional safety demos allow exploration of the advanced functional safety features integrated in Hercules MCUs. The LaunchPad kits offer HALCoGen software – a GUI-based code generation tool that allows developers to accelerate code development on Hercules MCUs—available for download and supported by the latest version of TI’s Eclipse-based Code Composer Studio integrated development environment (IDE).

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