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TI launches lower priced TMS320C64x+ DSP


Houston &#151 Texas Instruments has launched a more cost-effective TMS320C645x digital signal processor based on its TMS320C64x+ DSP core for a myriad of infrastructure equipments that include high-end telecom, wireless infrastructure, and video and imaging applications.

Just like the 320C6455, the new 320C6454 is available in three speed grades: 720 MHz, 850 MHz and 1 GHz. However, TI has removed the serial rapid I/O interface, the Utopia interface, the baseband processor and reduced the amount of on-chip memory from 2 MBytes to 1 MByte.

The new TMS320C6454 at 720 MHz goes for $93.93 compared with $158.90 for the TMS320C6455 which is now available in volume production. At 1 GHz, the TMS320C6454 is $188.79 compared with $246.29 for the 320C6455. At 850 MHz, the new device will be $139.04 while the 320C6455 is $198.62. All pricing are 10K quantities.

The TMS320C6455 was released in May of last year. For details on the TMS320C6455 launch click on TMS320C6455 launch.

“Customers have told us they want a more cost-effective entry point to 320C64x+ DSP performance, and the 320C6454 DSP clearly satisfies this growing demand,” said Danny Petkevich, high performance DSP marketing manager, Texas Instruments. “The 320C6454 DSP is a more attractive option for designers who are ready to upgrade from 320C641x DSPs to a higher performing DSP, but do not necessarily want all the advanced features of the 320C6455 DSP. The new 320C6454 device balances the right amount of performance and affordability for a wider range of high-end applications.”

The 320C6454 DSP is closely related to the 320C6455 DSP, in production since early 2006 as TI's first mass market product using the latest C64x+ architecture. As the industry's first DSP with a Serial RapidIO (sRIO) bus interface to support the interprocessing requirements of bandwidth-intensive applications, the 320C6455 DSP enables up to 12x boost in system performance. For programmers demanding the highest-performing 320C64x DSP platform, but not necessarily requiring interoperability capabilities in their particular designs, the pin-compatible 320C6454 DSP without the sRIO bus is an affordable, more economical alternative.

cost benefit

The 320C6454 DSP also allows designers to reap the cost benefit of the reduction in on-chip memory to 1MB and the removal of peripherals such as UTOPIA, which are not always required. For designers presently using the 320C6455 DSP who would benefit from the transition to the 320C6454 DSP, the two devices are completely compatible, requiring minimal hardware redesign.

For new designers looking for a high-performing DSP in their tailored, flagship infrastructure applications, including machine vision, medical imaging and digital video products, the 320C6454 is the optimal choice, supplying 1MB memory and Gigabit Ethernet for only $94 at 720 MHz. For designers who are using the closely related TMS320C6455 DSP, the cost-efficient 320C6454 offers 320C64+ peak performance at an affordable price. Designers can immediately begin code development for tomorrow's 320C6454 products using the 320C6455 evaluation module (EVM) and DSP Starter Kit (DSK).

For more details of the 320C6454, click below.

Block diagram

“The C6454 DSP is an important enabler for a universal multimedia port in next-generation mobile networks that require exceptional voice and video services,” said Gennady Sirota, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing of Starent Networks. “TI's commitment to this product contributes to Starent's delivery of superior multimedia performance with unrivaled flexibility and performance. Our ST16 Intelligent Mobile Gateway enhances the subscriber experience with advanced voice, data, and multimedia applications while lowering our customers' operational expenditures.”

Designers can immediately begin system development on the C6454 DSP with the use of the C6455 EVM and DSK. These robust tools provide a complete modular development platform for both hardware and software. Announced in early 2006 and now in volume production, the EVM and DSK include TI's Code Composer Studio Platinum integrated development platform (IDE) and DSP/BIOS kernel, allowing customers to start development at a higher level of abstraction, which leads to easier software portability and faster time-to-market.

The TMS320C6454 DSP is now available for $94 in 10K units from TI and TI Authorized Distributors. The highly integrated device is packaged in a 24 by 24 mm, 697-lead BGA (ball grid array). The C6455 EVM and DSK are available for $1795 and $495 from TI and TI Authorized Distributors.

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