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TI, Microsoft team on software for portable media processor


MANHASSET, N.Y. — Texas Instruments Inc. announced Monday (May 2) it is working with Microsoft Corp. on future versions of the Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Center Software Kit, enabling manufacturers to develop portable media centers with TI hardware.

The development is based on a TI system-on-a-chip (SoC), an integrated digital media processor for portable applications, capable of supporting QVGA resolution for Windows Media Video 9. The processor embeds a digital signal processor and an ARM core.

It also features an integrated video encoder, hardware video accelerators and USB host capabilities, offering what the company claims is superior performance over single-core portable media center implementations, while minimizing power consumption.

With a programmable architecture, the digital media processor can support Windows Media Audio, MP3, JPEG and all other major digital media formats, as well as offer encoding capabilities for OEMs that want to differentiate their portable media center products.

“This collaboration between leaders in portable media silicon, and PC and mobile software will accelerate the availability of highly optimized and affordable portable media centers to consumers worldwide,” said Chris Schairbaum, worldwide business manager of TI's Portable Audio and Infotainment business unit, in a statement.

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